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Advanced Features

Your Clarius Membership or Advanced Specialty Package unlocks a set of Advanced Features never before seen in a handheld ultrasound system. Streamline your workflows and collaborate seamlessly with a compact, user-friendly solution that avoids the complexities of a bulky system.

Exam Sharing

You can easily share a completed exam with a colleague either directly from the app or through the Clarius Cloud platform, enhancing collaboration and information exchange within your healthcare team.

Pulsed Wave Doppler

Pulsed Wave Doppler (PWD) provides real-time hemodynamic information in the heart and vascular structures. PWD can determine both the speed and direction of blood flow, which is a requirement for making clinical diagnoses around stenosis and many other cardiovascular problems.

Procedure Recording Mode

Procedure Recording Mode enables users to effortlessly capture real-time ultrasound-guided procedures using their device’s camera and native screen recording, serving as a valuable tool for comprehensive procedure documentation required for record-keeping, legal, or regulatory purposes.

Split Screen

Enhance your imaging capabilities by comparing up to four high-definition ultrasound acquisitions simultaneously, enabling measurements, anatomical comparisons, and calculations. Additionally, you can conveniently display both long and short axis views or compare left and right anatomies for a comprehensive assessment.

Included Features

Renowned for delivering best-in-class image quality and performance, the award-winning Clarius HD3 is an exceptional wireless ultrasound system with specialized features only found in cart-based ultrasound systems.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic range allows for contrast adjustments when there are tissue or vessel subtleties that need to be highlighted.

Chroma Imaging

Chroma Imaging allows for a colorized option that replaces the greyscale map temporarily to help bring out subtleties in soft tissue.

Virtual Phased

Turn on this feature in any preset or modality to allow for better scanning of the liver through the intercostal window, or a wider field of view.

Penetration Mode

Penetration mode gives an extra punch for imaging at any depth. It automatically changes acquisition frequency to better penetrate through certain types of tissue. (C3,PA)

Focal Zone

Focal Zone advanced control allows you to improve lateral resolution in a region of interest by adjusting the focal spot

HD Zoom

High Definition (HD) Zoom allows for the selection of a specific region of interest within the image to target and hone in on anatomy to get the highest resolution possible.

Trapezoidal Imaging

Trapezoidal Imaging extends the field of view by dynamically focusing the ultrasound beams beyond the edges of the scanner to allow for larger anatomical visualizations.


Smoothing allows for clinical applications such as lung imaging to tune the smoothness level, where some users prefer a smoother image over a more grainy one.

Pulse-Inversion Harmonics

Pulse-Inversion Harmonics allows to acquire imaging through a sequence of two reciprocal ultrasound waves transmitted to subtract the signal from a linear medium such as tissue. This helps reduce image artifacts and speckles.