Absolute Prone Patient Positioning

Poor positioning of the head and neck can leave your patient with post-operative complications, from mild facial swelling to blindness (POVL). These complications can have devastating consequences for your patient and could ultimately lead to costly litigation for the Hospital or Trust.

The Absolute Prone-Lite Helmet and Mirror are used in conjunction with  Absolute Helmet Angle Pads to ensure an optimum neutral neckline is achieved. The risk of periorbital and intraocular pressure and oedema can be significantly reduced by using Absolute Prone Face Support Cushions, which are inserted into the helmet.

Lateral Medical - Absoluted Prone Patient Positioning SolutionProduct Characteristics:

  • Mirror strip to monitor the patient’s eyes & positioning of ET Tubes.
  • Ample room for ET and nasal tubes.
  • Easily cleaned using alcohol wipes or can be washed at up to 80°c
  • Ample room for ET and nasal tubes.
  • Increased height benefits ease of airways management
  • Improved patient support
  • Custom Capability
  • Product includes mirror
  • Height and angle adjusted by Helmet Angle Pads for obtaining a neutral neckline
  • Can be used with standard Tempur chest supports
  • Light weight- just 210 grams


Uses include:

  • Intensive care unit ventilation
  • laminectomies
  • haematology
  • plastic surgery
  • bone marrow harvesting
  • ophthalmology post-operative therapy


Lateral medical is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing medical professionals with innovative medical supplies and products that improve patient care. We are the leading providers of a wide range of products across Australia. At Lateral Medical, we provide an exclusive range of Patient Prone Positioning Products including:

    • Hip Positioners & Patient Positioning Devices
    • De Mayo V2 E™ Knee Positioner
    • SuperBump™
    • Universal SteriBump®
    • Knee Positioning Triangle™ Set
    • Estape TrenMAX® Trendelenburg Positioner
    • De Mayo Hip Positioner® System Obese Patient Configuration
    • Humbles LapWrap® Positioning Padfor Laparoscopy
    • Durable Gel Pads
    • Universal Steribump


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