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steerable Tracheal Intubation Guide (S.T.I.G)

Watch the S.T.I.G in action.


Additional Resources

​New Flexible Tip Bougie Catheter for Difficult Airway Intubation. A Randomized Crossover Pilot Study

Michael Frass, Jacek Smereka, Kurt Ruetzler, Lukasz Szarpak, Oliver Robak

​Comparison of the new flexible tip bougie catheter and standard bougie stylet for tracheal intubation by anesthesiologists in different difficult airway scenarios: a randomized crossover trial

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Evaluation of a new bougie design for the difficult airway: a manikin crossover trial

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Flexible bougies, introducers and bronchoscopes – Key adjuvants in the Age of Videolaryngoscopes

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​Don't Blame it on the Bougie

Erlend Braut Opshaug, LIS, Anestesiavd. SUS, Michael Busch, seksjonsoverlege, Postoperativ seksjon, Anestesiavd. SUS​