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ProVu™ Video Stylet

ProVu™ Video Stylet (VS) overcomes the limitations of existing Video intubation devices, making navigating difficult airways effortless.

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For All Anatomies
Shaped stylet to match any difficult airway. Remove malleable rod, for extra flexibility during nasotracheal intubation or intubating through laryngeal mask.

Accurate Placement
No need for an X-Ray. Innovative visualisation of ProVu VS, shows ET tube passage all the way down to the carina.

Rapid Placement
Manoeuvrable tip to navigate any airway and soft ET tube tip reduces possible trauma.

Complete Visualisation
Latest high-resolution camera technology with anti-fog coating.

ProVu™ Intubation Station
In any scenario, the ProVu Intubation Station provides you with the ability to instantly obtain the optimum viewing position with its articulating arm.

ProVu™ Video Stylet Images


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