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Single Use Laryngoscopes

BritePro™ Omni

BritePro™ Omni reduces risk of cross contamination. Simply open, use, remove batteries and dispose

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  • Sterile
  • Single Use
  • Test In-Pack
  • Colour Coded

Reduced Profile
Ultra-low profile blade reduces risk of dental trauma and provides additional space to manoeuvre the blade for the best view possible.

Bright, White LED Light
2000-lumen LED bulb gives focussed illumination, granting excellent visualisation of the glottic structures.

Rapid and Safe Battery Removal
Quick release mechanism in the reinforced block housing for easy battery removal, minimising pre-use and post-use handling, reducing cross-contamination risk.

Colour Coded
Blades are colour coded for size verification to easily identify the correct size for the patient. Sizing is also reaffirmed on the handle base.

Test In-Pack
Can be easily tested in pack without compromising sterility, reducing risk of cross-contamination.

BritePro™ Omni Images

BriteBlade Pro™

Comprehensive range of adult and paediatric, single-use, all-metal laryngoscope blades for every intubation situation. Compatible with all fibre-optic handles.

  • Sterile
  • Single Use

Reduced Shoulder and Block Height
Improved access with a greater field of view and less risk of dental damage.

Enhanced Vision
Shrouded fibre-optic bundle targets light on the glottic area enhancing view.

Non-touch Hinge Mechanism
Protection from blade tip contaminating the handle when folded.

All Metal One-piece Blade
100% metal, removes possible risk of plastic block breaking under force from intubation.

Rounded Tip and Edges
Reduces risk of soft tissue damage.

Sterile Packed
Reduces risk of cross contamination, simply open, use and dispose.

BriteBlade Pro™ Images

Conventional Metal Blades and Handle

Conventional illumination disposable metal blades and handles providing all the benefits in a single-use form, avoiding costly reprocessing and sterilisation.

  • True Macintosh Curve
  • Halogen Bulb
  • Reduces Risk of Cross-Contamination

Conventional Metal Blades and Handle Images


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