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Pulmonary Function Test Filters

Pulmonary Function Test Filter

Protecting both patient and pulmonary function testing equipment, the PFT Filter reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients and equipment with minimal resistance for accurate test results.

Reducing the risk of transmitting respiratory pathogens with the use of the Flexicare PFT Filter during normal breathing or forced vital capacity testing meets the American Thoracic Society recommendations for resistance in PFT equipment.

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ECO Pulmonary Function Test Filter

Optimal protection for patients, staff and equipment, trapping expectorated matter, bacteria and viruses. Extended patient side with plastic bite on lip reduces costs by eliminating the need for expensive silicone bite-on mouthpieces.

– Suitable for all leading makes of PFT equipment

– Validated cross-contamination efficiency >99.999%

– Low filter dead space 55ml (excluding tapers)

– Low flow impedance <0.04kPa at 1L/s – 54%* reduction in filter waste volume – Filters and nose clips made from 100% recyclable materials

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Peak Flow Meter

The effective management of asthma relies on early identification of the threat of potential exacerbations. The ability to respond promptly depends on close monitoring of peak flow to help protect quality of life and optimise the efficacy of medication.

– Suitable for adults and children

– For use in clinics, general practice, sports medicine and home

– Highly accurate

– Lightweight and portable

– Conforms to all relevant standards for peak flow meters

– 50-800L/min. measuring range

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