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Aerosol Therapy®

Corrugated Tubing

part number description qty
22mm Corrugated Tubing with 45cm repeat,
50m coil in dispensing box
22mm Corrugated Tubing with 15cm repeat,
50m coil in dispensing box
22mm Corrugated Tubing 2m with
two 22mm F connectors

Corrugated Tubing Images

Bubble Humidifier

Recommended when oxygen is delivered in excess of 4 l/min through a Nasal Cannula.

Increased Humidification
The fine diffuser at the inlet tube end produces very small gas bubbles that maximise the surface area, providing increased humidification with a low noise level, reducing patient disruption.

Safety Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure relief valve automatically opens at 6psi or 4psi should the outlet line become occluded.

Recessed Connector and Screw Cap
Protects the connector from accidental damage or breakage.

PVC Nipple Diffuser
For home use, the PVC nipple diffuser extends the life of the humidifier and minimises risk of blockage.

Bubble Humidifier Images

MaxiNeb® Compressor

The Maxineb® Compressor is a simple and convenient nebuliser system for both hospital and home.

Quiet Operation
Low noise output, minimising ambient noise level and reducing irritation to the user.

Positive On / Off Switch
The rocker switch allows patients with reduced dexterity to easily operate the compressor.

Compact and Protable
Light weight with an integrated handle for easy carriage. Requires minimal space for storage.

Easy Change Air Filter

MaxiNeb® Compressor Images


MaxiNeb® nebulisers have a low Dead Volume, short Nebulising Time, optimal MMAD and high percentage of aerosol mass in the Respirable Range.

MaxiNeb® Nebuliser
MaxiNeb® is a high output nebuliser which delivers medication quickly and efficiently.

MaxiNeb® 90
Features all the benefits of MaxiNeb, but functions at angles up to 90O, making MaxiNeb® 90 ideal for recumbent patients.

Patient Choice
Attaches to either an aerosol mask, mouth piece or T-Piece, for a wide choice of delivery options.

Easy 1/4 turn cap creates a secure leak-proof seal and the wide tripod legs keeps MaxiNeb® stable and upright, even on uneven surfaces.

Clear Chamber
Graduations aid drug dilution and monitoring the nebulisation process through to completion.

MaxiNeb® Images

MaxiNeb Duo™

MaxiNeb Duo™ is a high performing, dual mode nebuliser which provides the clinician and patient with the ability to instantly switch between patient controlled or continuous treatment, improving patient comfort, increasing caregiver and surrounding environment safety and reducing medicine wastage.

Unique Design
The unique valve and filter design reduces medicine wastage and also protects caregivers and the clinical environment from cross contamination and inhaling aerosolized medicine. The patented dual mode improves patient comfort with the ability to switch between either continuous or patient controlled treatment.

Expiratory Filter
The Bacterial/Viral filter reduces the expiration of the aerosolised medicine, trapping bacteria and viruses and thus reducing the risk of cross contamination and protecting caregivers and the clinical environment against aerosol inhalation.

Breath Enhanced Technology
When the patient inhales, the unique design of MaxiNeb Duo allows more air to enter the Nebuliser, speeding up the circulation of the mist, enabling the treatment to immediately pass to the patient.

Ergonomic Design
The bottles ergonomic design provides improved grip and control for both the clinician and patient.

MaxiNeb Duo™ Images

Water Traps

part number description qty
Self-sealing Water Trap – 22mm
Self-sealing Water Trap – 15mm
Self-sealing Water Trap – 10mm

Water Traps Images

Star Lumen Tubing

– Kink Resistant will not occlude
– Pre-formed end connections
– Available in 2.1m length with no need to cut
– Also available with one narrow and one wide connector
– Economical 100m length option

Star Lumen Tubing Images

Oxygen Bubble Tubing

part number description qty
Oxygen Bubble Tubing – 1.8m
Oxygen Bubble Tubing (3mm) 30m coil in dispensing box
Oxygen Bubble Tubing (3mm) 100m coil in dispensing box

Oxygen Bubble Tubing Images

Tubing Connectors

part number description qty
Oxygen Tubing T Connector
Oxygen Tubing Right Angled Connector
Oxygen Tubing Straight Connector
Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector
Oxygen Tubing Swivel Connector with Clip

Tubing Connectors Images

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