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Post Operative

Post-Operative Oxygen Therapy T-Piece

Fits to the laryngeal mask to deliver 40% oxygen to patients recovering from anaesthesia.

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FCOT is a complete solution for delivery of 40% oxygen to post-op adult and paediatric patients with a laryngeal mask, through recovery to the ward.

Visual Confirmation of Spontaneous Breathing
Condensation on the T-Piece and Indicator Bag inflation/deflation cycle clearly shows the patient’s breathing pattern.

Cost Effective
Complete kit with 40% Venturi, T-Piece with Indicator Bag, Mask and Star Lumen Oxygen Tubing provides a convenient and cost effective solution.

No Rebreathing or Oxygen Dilution
The high flow of oxygen enriched air inflates the Indicator Bag and flushes expired gases out through the vents, eliminating rebreathing. During inspiration the Indicator Bag acts as a reservoir, preventing dilution of the inhaled gas by ambient air.

Through Recovery to Ward
When the laryngeal mask is removed, simply replace the T-Piece with the Aerosol Mask included in the kit for continued oxygen therapy during transfer back to the ward.

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Gilston T-Piece

For oxygen delivery to patients fitted with a tracheostomy tube. Sliding cover gives easy access for suction and a venturi barrel fitted to the tube to provide oxygen at a fixed concentration, or combined with a humidity adaptor for humidification.

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Tracheostomy Mask

Contoured for an effective seal and a 360o swivel connector for maximum patient comfort. The 22mm connector fits to corrugated tubing and can deliver humidified oxygen when used with a venturi and humidity adaptor (5506).

Tracheostomy Mask Images

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