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Variable Concentration

Medium Concentration Masks

Soft and pliable Medium Concentration mask that moulds easily to the patient’s face, with a feathered-edge rim for excellent fit and seal to provide maximum comfort and efficacy.

Patient Comfort
Knitted latex free strap maintains its width when stretched and reduces pressure on patients’ skin, helping protect from pressure sores.

Clear Observation of Face Colour and Vital Signs
Clear and colourless mask for quick and easy assessment of potential cyanosis.

Nose BridgeReinforced nose bridge holds the mask shape without the need for a metal nose clip, preventing accidental injury and making the mask fully MRI compatible. Adult masks are available with the option of a metal nose clip.

Swivel Connector
The connector can be rotated to the most convenient and comfortable position, accommodating for patient movement and oxygen supply from either side.

Strap Option
The Adult mask has the option of earloops, ideal for patients with restricted head movement or find the strap behind the head uncomfortable.

Stepped Oxygen Inlet
Quick, easy and secure connection to oxygen tubing.

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Nasal Cannulas

Nasal Cannulas are used for their simplicity and patient compliance in delivering supplementary oxygen. Ambient air is entrained through the nostrils, with the FiO2 achieved being proportional to the flow rate of oxygen (1-6 l/min), the patient’s tidal volume, inspiratory flow rate, and the volume of the nasal pharynx. At an oxygen flow rate of 2 l/min the oxygen concentration in the hypopharynx of a resting person is 25% – 30%. Nasal Cannulas prevent rebreathing and are comfortable for long periods. There is increased therapy compliance with nasal cannulas as patients are able to speak, eat and drink. Use of humidified oxygen is recommended to reduce discomfort and drying of the mucosal wall in the nasal cavities, particularly when using flows of greater than 4 l/min.

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