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Infant Resuscitation®

NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator

The lightweight and durable NeoPIP™ Infant Resuscitator provides controlled and accurate resuscitation and ventilation of newborns, neonates and infants up to 10kg. NeoPIP is intended for emergency manual resuscitation of infants in the critical care environment. There are a number of clinical benefits to using NeoPIP.

  • Accurate Manometer
  • PIP Control
  • Pressure Limit
  • Mounting System

Adjustable Pressures
High Pressure Limit, PIP and PEEP levels are adjustable to meet the unique ventilatory requirements of each patient.

Precise PEEP Levels
The precision PEEP valve provided on every T-Piece circuit delivers desired pressure levels without “drift” during use.

Pressure Monitoring
A easy-to-read manometer accurately displays airway pressures throughout all phases of ventilation.

Consistent Care
The easy-to-use NeoPIP and T-Piece circuit reduce variations in care, ensuring each breath is delivered in a similar manner.

Do More With Less
Powered by 6 L/min, NeoPIP requires less gas flow to operate, for less gas consumed and improved transport range.

Durable & Dependable
Each NeoPIP unit is built to last; a solid case and metal fittings resist damage leading to long service life.

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Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit

The Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit with precision PEEP valve provides accurate PEEP when used in conjunction with the NeoPIP. This valve is designed into the breathing circuit T-Piece with a standard fitting for face mask, laryngeal mask or endotracheal tube attachment.

Universal Connection
Standard 15mm connection, Universal T-piece connector and circuit length of 75 inches.

Universal Circuit
The Infant Resuscitator T-Piece Circuit works with all your T-Piece devices without an adaptor.

Precise PEEP
Easy-to-adjust PEEP valve that rotates to set precise expiratory pressures for patients < 10Kg. Controlled Delivery
Finger/thumb port to control inspiration and expiration, by placing the thumb/finger over the port opening to inflate the lungs, and removing for exhalation.

Coloured Connections
Coloured valve body making the circuit more visible at the bedside and easy to locate in emergency situations.

Single Patient Use
Single patient use product eliminates the risk of cross contamination and conforms to the neonatal resuscitation guidelines.

Wide Variety of Kits
NeoForce Resuscitation Kits are conveniently packaged for all of your resuscitation needs in one easy-to-open pouch.

Kits are available with various component combinations to meet your individual needs.

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Infant Resuscitation Face Masks

Resuscitation masks are completely disposable to eliminate cross contamination risks and associated reprocessing costs. They are made with a soft, clear material constructed for better patient visualisation and a secure, low pressure seal.

Eliminates the risk of cross contamination & reprocessing costs.

Clear, Pliable Material
Clear and soft for better patient visualisation and reduced patient discomfort.

Compatible Connection
All masks can be used with resuscitation circuits with a 15mm connecting port.

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Catheter Access Adapter

Used with Resuscitator T-Piece Breathing Circuits for introduction of a suction or surfactant delivery catheter to be used with an endotracheal tube.

Continuous Ventilation
For providing continuous ventilation to the patient during surfactant administration.

Seals Air Flow
Seals the patient’s air flow from the access port.

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Universal Mounting Bracket

The Universal Mounting Bracket attaches to the NeoPIP Infant Resuscitator.

Compatible with:

– Vacuum Brackets

– IV Pole

– DIN Rail Systems

– Dovetail Rail Systems

Can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

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NeoCaire™ Infant T-Piece Resuscitation Circuit

NeoCaire™ is a 1.5m long, 10mm diameter corrugated tube with a vent port on the angled patient end elbow and a 15/22mm Male connector for attachment to a neonatal face mask, ET tube or laryngeal mask airway. Manual ventilation is controlled by placing the thumb or finger over the vent port to inflate the lungs, and removing for exhalation.

Univeral Connection
Fits all common Resuscitation Units including Neopuff™, Giraffe™ STAR, NeoPIP™, and Giraffe™ and Resuscitaire™ platforms.

Improved User Comfort
Extended flat rim for effective vent port occlusion and user comfort during extended resuscitation.

Easy Set-up
Quick and easy set-up for rapid initiation of resuscitation.

Crush Resistant Tubing
Lightweight, flexible, crush resistant tubing that maintains flow even if twisted through 180o.

Accurate Delivery
Low compliance tubing with shallow corrugations for minimal flow resistance and accurate pressure delivery. NeoCaire™ can deliver 21% – 100% or free-flow oxygen.

For Use In Delivery Suites, Neonatal Intensive Care and Infant Transport

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