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Reusable Manual Resuscitators

The Reusable Resus Bag is manufactured from high quality materials that can be autoclaved up to 50 cycles. The range available, design and performance characteristics mirrors those of the Single-Use, with:

– Higher levels of oxygen delivery
– Optional hand strap on the Adult Bags for complete control
– Textured surface for a reliable grip
– Lightweight and fast recoil for reduced hand fatigue
– Pressure relief at 60cmH2O for Adult (optional) and 40cmH2O for Paediatric and Infant
– Angled MDI port
– Optional Manometer and Adjustable PEEP valve

MDI Port
The MDI port is angled to direct medication into the airway, maximising effectiveness and reducing waste.

Optional Manometer
Attaching the single-use manometer gives breath-by-breath indication of delivered pressures.

Optional Adjustable PEEP Valve
Adjustable from 5 – 20cmH2O, the PEEP valve replaces the deflector cap without the need to the remove mask or interrupt ventilation.

Reusable Manual Resuscitators Images

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