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The FL10000 is a respiratory humidifier with a stunning touch-screen display and intuitive software that allows you to review settings, change temperatures and respond to alarms faster than before.

  • Complete control at your fingertips
  • Touch-screen Display
  • Intuitive GUI

Simple Set-Up
FL10000 guides you through the simple setup process step-by-step, each option clearly displayed with large visual cues.

Choose the desired therapy mode and circuit type. Use the default temperatures settings or access the password-protected advanced settings to adjust temperatures within the recommended range to suit your patient’s needs.

Restore Last Settings
Easily restore the default settings with one tap or short cut to the last used settings on start-up.

Large Touch-Screen Display
The clear visual cues and audible alarms alert users of any event that requires immediate attention.

Icon or Circuit View
Find and fix a fault faster with the zoom-in function and instantly switch between Icon and Circuit View.

Feature Packed
The FL10000 includes several new features such as low water sensors, chamber safety features, warning logs, multiple language display and more.

It is compatible with a wide range of breathing circuit setups and therapies, including Invasive, Non-Invasive and High flow.

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Single-Use Temperature Probe Lead

Single-use temperature probe lead for use with the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier.

According to the Department of Medicine:

“Invasive medical and surgical procedures have the potential to expose patients to pathogenic microbes and lead to infection. If not properly disinfected or sterilized, medical devices and surgical instruments used in invasive procedures may be the carrier of infectious organisms and may lead to infection. Failure to comply with disinfection and sterilization guidelines has contributed to outbreaks associated with contaminated medical devices and surgical instruments.”1

The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates additional precautions for specific modes of transmission and recommend the use of disposable (Single-Use) equipment.2

Protecting the Patient
Eliminating the need for reusable temperature probes with respiratory breathing circuits, Single-Use Temperature Probes reduce the risk of cross-contamination by disposing of the entire breathing circuit system, avoiding sterilization failures.

Clinician Efficiency
ingle-Use Temperature Probes increase workflow efficiencies by eliminating the need to clean and maintain sterilization procedures, saving time.

Hospital Costs
Reducing the amount of medical equipment that requires sterilization supports the resource base of central processing and eliminates the cost of lost product.

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Simple to operate, with intuitive controls and easy to select functions, the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier offers a complete solution to provide warmed and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.

Misconnection Prevention
Easy-connect heated wire and temperature probe sockets of different design ensure correct connection.

Multi-Function Display
Clear easy-to-read LED Display with the option to check Airway, Chamber or Heater Plate Temperature, or hold on a custom setting.

Alarm Indications
Clear, colour coded visual and audible alarms notify user of set-up errors, accidental disconnection during use or delivered temperatures outside the set parameters.

Variety of Circuit Options
Suitable for Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation, and Heated or Non-Heated Wire Breathing Systems.

Positive Connection
Heater Plate with spring loaded locking mechanism for secure placement of humidification chamber.

Watch Online
Our YouTube channel has a suite of helpful videos to demonstrate setup, cleaning and use of the FL-9000.

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Humidification Chamber

Flexicare’s Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber is part of a complete system to actively warm and humidify inspired respiratory gases delivered to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support. The chamber is used in conjunction with a respiratory humidifier, breathing circuits and other accessories.

Improved Responsiveness
Lower water capacity for rapid achievement of optimum operating temperature and minimal temperature fluctuations.

Gas Flow Diverters
Flow is routed through the chamber to maximise efficiency of warming and humidification of the gases.

Heat Transfer
Flat base for complete contact with the heater plate for efficient, rapid and responsive water heating.

Highly Compatible
22mm connectors for compatibility with a wide range of ventilator circuits.

Clear Construction
Transparent construction, red fill indicator and clear markings for quick and easy monitoring of water level.

Overfill Protection
Primary and a secondary seals to regulate the flow of water and provide protection against overfilling.

Humidification Chamber Images

Flexicare Ventilator Breathing Systems Brochure

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