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Neuraxial Ultrasound

Watch how Accuro provides clear, simple visuals of the interlaminar space.


Certainty Can Be Effortless

First-attempt success.
Accuro is an easy-to-use device that delivers superior performance when administering epidural and spinal anaesthesia. That means you achieve improved localization of the desired intervertebral space for first-attempt success when you perform neuraxial anaesthesia-related procedures. In turn, you improve the efficiency of your practice, the quality of your medical care, and the confidence and comfort you instill in your patients.

Wherever you go, Accuro can go.
Because Accuro is about the size of a smart phone and battery operated, you can take it with you to use no matter where your patient happens to be. It’s handheld and untethered, and the touch screen can be rotated for easy viewing.

You don’t have to be a sonographer to use Accuro.
Accuro guides you with automatic epidural location and depth interpretation, so you don’t have to be an expert at reading an ultrasound to benefit from this technology.

Accuro Resources

Accuro: Epidural Placement

Accuro: Real-time Paramedian Placement

Accuro: Thoracic Mode

Three-Step Training Program

Lateral Medical Anaesthetics Critical Care - Neuraxial Ultrasound Accuro Resources Downloadable PDF Three Step Training Program

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