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Makes lateral transfers of large patients nearly effortless for caregivers.

PPS Glide Single Patient Use Now Available!

The PPS Glide SPU allows two caregivers to laterally transfer a patient safely

The PPS Glide SPU is an
innovative, air assisted safe patient handling solution. The core of the system is an inflatable mat that lifts and floats the patient on a cushion of air, that with very little effort, caregivers can transfer even very large patients from one surface to another.

Similar to an air hockey table, our technology reduces friction by circulating low pressure, high volume air through thousands of micro perforations. This creates a cushion of air upon which the patient can be effortlessly moved from one surface to another.
Enhanced ergonomics and ease of use significantly reduces the amount of exertion required for patient transfers, and allows for greater patient comfort, increased operational efficiency and a safer workplace for caregivers. Portability, a small storage footprint, and radiology compatibility are all added benefits.
The PPS Glide SPU works just like our reusable lateral transfer pad by utilizing a cushion of air to safely transfer patients up to 1200 pounds from one surface to another. Our single patient use product has the added benefit of reduced cross contamination with a product designed to hold up for multiple lateral transfers during a patient stay.


Width: 34″ (86.3 cm)

Length: 78″ (198 cm)

Weight: 1.422 lbs. (0.645 kg)

Weight Limit: 1200 lbs. (544kg)

Width limit: 36″ (91cm)


Width: 39″ (99 cm)

Length: 78″ (198 cm)

Weight: 1.587 lbs. (0.720 kg)

Weight Limit: 1200 lbs. (544kg)

Width limit: 40″ (102cm)


Width: 50″ (127 cm)

Length: 78″ (198 cm)

Weight: 1.819 lbs. (825 kg)

Weight Limit: 1200 lbs. (544kg)

Width limit: 50″ (127)


  • One patient – One pad
  • Compatible with X-Ray and MRI
  • PPS Glide Single Patient Use product may be used for multiple transfers during patient hospital stay
  • Compatible with equivalent air supply systems (80 cfm)
  • Made with ISO-10993 biocompatibility tested fabric that enhances patient comfort and reduces skin shear and breakdown
  • Safe working load 1200 lbs. / 544 Kg
  • Patent pending design cradles patient for enhanced comfort, stability and safety


  • Increased patient comfort and reduced patient anxiety with transfers
  • Enhanced infection control in patient handling procedures
  • Dramatically reduced staff injuries (MSDs) and worker’s compensation costs
  • Lower cost per patient than single-use disposables


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Glide (Single Patient Use)

Glide (Single Patient Use)

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