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HotDog Waffle Grip

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Easy To Use

Secure U300 HotDog Warming Mattress to operating table.

Align Waffle Grip pad on top of mattress using markings for reference. Tuck reinforced edge under warming mattress at perineal cut-out.

Secure arms with draw sheet and apply safety strap. Begin warming without worry of patient movement!

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PN A300 - Waffle Grip Positioning System

Kit Contents (10 ea per box):

  • (1) WaffleGrip Pad (Disposable)
  • (1) Non-Woven Draw Sheet with WaffleGrip (Disposable)
  • (1) Safety Strap (disposable)
  • (2) Clamps (disposable) for blanket positioning

HotDog Warming System Components Needed:

  • (1) U300 Underbody Warming Mattress - Trendelenburg
  • (6) Warming Mattress securing straps
  • (1) WC52 HotDog Multi-Function Controller
  • (1) B105 Multi-Position Blanket (recommended)
  • (1) A101 Cable (yellow) and one A112 Cable (blue)
Lateral Medical Anaesthetics Critical Care - Hotdog Waffle Grip Patient Warming Set-up with PN A300 Waffle Grip Positioning System