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The Worlds first Anaesthesia Stand


Introducing Anestand, the world’s first anesthesia stand. From induction through emergence, Anestand keeps your supplies clean, your IV port close, and medications immediately available.
Anestand is adjustable, portable and affordable. For all your anesthetics and procedures, both in and out of the OR, Anestand is engineered to help.
Experience Anestand Yourself.

  1. The recessed tray holds and organizes supplies for induction of anesthesia and most anesthetic
  2. Clips keep IV tubing securely in place, so it’s easy to “scrub the hub”
  3. Corner grips for suction tubing and more
  4. The adjustable support post lets you position it just where you need it
  5. The anesthesia circuit clips keep your circuit fixed and firmly in place
  6. Patented clamp attaches to OR bed, IV pole, or inpatient bed

Benefits to Providers

  • Keep medications near IV port
  • Ergonomical work space
  • Makes wiping IV port easy
  • Extra set of hands when help not around
  • Helps make RSI safe
  • Creates valuable space for non-OR anesthesia Value to Hospital

Value to Hospital

  • Helps with regulatory compliance
  • Sharps management
  • Could help reduce HAIs
  • Demonstrates support for anesthesia team
  • Reusable/single fixed cost

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