ATMOS Colposcopes

ATMOS LED Colposcopes enhances functionality and maximises space with your clinic.

Lateral Medical - Colposcope with Optional Gynae ChairOptimised Lighting Quality

Using a patented technique, the red part of a high performance LED light is raised and as such, a pleasant colour temperature of 5.500 K (+/- 10%) is achieved without applying a thermal charge to the examined tissue through IR radiation.

The LED light path with ‘high transmission’ optics and improved colour characteristics sets new standards in the field of colposcope technology – and all this thanks to the new design for which the patent is pending, without any disruptive cooling from the fan.

  • Long operating life and energy consumption (up to 50,000 hrs)
  • Not sensitive to vibrations
  • Low loss of brightness; stable colour characteristics
  • Maintenance free
  • No noisy fans
  • Stereoscopic pictures (3D-effect)


Lateral Medical - Atmos Colposcope on StandCrisp images at any time

Users report of longer fatigue-free working and faster reception of stereoscopic pictures (3D-effect). These advantages result from the use of a larger exit pupil. The integrated camera allows for easy operation via the panel on the colposcope. In doing so, all parameters - e.g. the white balance - are automatically set. In addition, manual focussing of the camera is no longer necessary as a sharp image in the colposcope also means a sharp image on the monitor.

Available Models

  • ATMOS i View 21
  • ATMOS i View 31 (available with optional SD camera of endoscope attachment, HD camera adaptor)


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