ATMOS S 61 ENT Modular System

Lateral Medical - Atmos S61 Professional WorkStation

The ATMOS S 61 ENT modular system includes everything you need for ENT diagnoses and treatment in one convenient and ergonomic product, and can be tailored to your preferences.

When your practice grows you can upgrade your ATMOS S 61 workstation with additional storage or equipment modules.

Available components include:

ATMOS S61 Servant ENT workstation

Designed for the most demanding clinic and practice use.

  • Solid steel housing provides sturdiness and durability
  • High-quality materials and lacquers can withstand destructive caustic disinfectant solutions
  • Heavy-duty castors provide the mobility needed for easy cleaning of the examination or treatment room
  • Well-hidden technology for a clean look and easy maintenance

ATMOS S 61 Servant instruments

Lateral Medical - S61 Instruments ModuleEfficient instrument management saves valuable time and enables you to meet strict hygienic requirements even in times of increased patient volumes.

  • Clear separation between clean and dirty areas (waste bin, bowl for used instruments)
  • Quick and easy exchange of instrument bowl, even when filled with disinfectant solution
  • The systematic arrangement of large and small trays made of different materials (stainless steel, aluminium, melamine) ensures optimum instrument placement
  • Consumables, rarely needed instruments, etc. can be stored in the drawers
  • Heated mirror holders holder help prevent mirrors from fogging:  pre-heated to body temperature (38°C), space for approx. 70 mirrors (size K2 to K7)
  • A roller-shutter helps protect your valuable instruments
  • An optional central locking system and lockable roller shutter cover is available


ATMOS S 61 Servant Vision

Lateral Medical - ATMOS S61 Servant VisionThe ATMOS S 61 Servant vision module is a professional visualisation system from ATMOS, that offers complete flexibilty with optional functionality providing the perfect standalone endoscope workstation:

  • Light module with conventional cold light technology with the option of innovative LED technology
  • Headlights with automatic light switching
  • Smooth endoscope management
  • Integrated LED stroboscopy for larynx diagnostic
  • Storage space for instruments and medication bottles
  • Sophisticated design
  • German made
  • Sturdy steel housing & High-quality material
  • All modules can be upgraded at a later stage


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