Dale Bendable ArmBoard

The Dale Bendable ArmBoard is a simple cost effective, tapeless, means to position and secure the wrist to prevent unwanted movement when using arterial and peripheral (intravenous) lines. The ArmBoard is covered in a soft comfortable material and is fastened to the arm with adjustable hook and loop straps. The ArmBoard can be custom shaped to any position.

Can be used in the

  • Operating Room
  • Recovery Room
  • ICU
  • Patient Care Units

MRI Information

The Dale Bendable ArmBoard is safe to use on patients undergoing MRI under specified conditions. Learn More.

Product Numbers Size Quantity
650 Large, 23cm x 9cm (9” x 3.5”) 10 per box
651 Medium, 13.7cm x 6.4cm (5.38” x 2.5”) 10 per box
652 Small, 11.4cm x 4.4cm (4.5” x 1.75”) 10 per box
653 X-Small, 10.8cm x 2.5cm (4.25” x 1”) 10 per box