Video Laryngoscope

Safety Intubation, We build

Lateral Medical Video Laryngoscopes


  • Vaccum packed Disposable Blades.
  • Screen id reinforced with anti shalter Protection
  • No Cross Infection with Disposable Blades.
  • Anti-Fog Lens,Anti-Microbial Handle.
  • The Disposable blades are designed with special materials to prevent breakage,the connection part between blades and console can bear pressure of more than 300kg.
  • 316 Medical stainless steel reusable blades have the advantages of high flexure strength,no break risk,By passing through waterproof grade IPX8 testing.It can be use deep water immersion disinfection.


  • Lightweight,Portable.
  • More faster Installation and Intubation.
  • More faster Removal of Blades or Drop Blades.


  • The 8.75 cm anti-reflective display with full view has the high performance visualisation capabilities for every intubation.
  • Better View 2.0 Mega Pixel Cameras.


  • Rechargeable li-ion battery.
  • One Shot Button for Recording.

Cost Effective

  • Low cost disposable blades.
  • 1000 times use 316 Medical stainless reusable blades.

Lateral Medical Reusable Video Laryngoscope VL3R

Lateral Medical Disposable Video Laryngoscope VL3D

All Size Blades In One Unit.

Safety Intubation, we build

Difficult Airways do Easy Intubation

  • The incidence of unsuspected difficult intubation is estimated to be higher at 3%. One factor that contributes to difficult intubation is poor visualisation of the glottic opening.
  • Lateral Medical Video Laryngoscope provides better visualisation for difficult intubation.

Lowere Intubation success rates and longer learning curve has been improved!

  • With Lateral Medical VL appropriate training,there is usually a fairly short learning curve.
  • With Lateral Medical VL Intubation success rates are higher than others.


In voice users, video larygoscopes with a MAC blade improves success rate and time-to-intube when compared with direct larygoscope with a MAC blade.