Greiner Medseat

Lateral Medical - ENT Chair MedSeat Hydraulic


  • 20 cm range of hydraulic height adjustment.
  • Synchronous adjustment of the lying surface (manual).
  • Upper part can be turned by 360° and can be fixed in every position.
  • Armrests can be turned away.
  • Synchronous moving legrest, fixed legrest or without legrest.
  • Optionally with swivable seat cushion available (patient can be turned by 90° to the left or right side).



Hydraulic height adjustment and manual adjustment of the reclining surface. The adjustment range for the hydraulic sitting and reclining surface is 20cm. Adjustment is performed by a pump lever. The backrest and leg rest are synchronously adjusted to the horizontal position using a gas spring. medseats with synchronous revolving legrest allow patients to be treated in a reclining position. Alternatively, there are models without legrest; a choice of 3 fixed footrests is available as accessories.

Technical data

Weight (according to the model) 90 kg - 101 kg
Seat width 51 cm
Seat depth 45 cm
Overall depth 70 cm - 80 cm
Overall height 136 cm - 166 cm
Seat height 58 cm - 88 cm
Overall width 70 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair, with legrest 194 cm - 204 cm
Surface area of the reclined chair, without legrest 135 cm - 145 cm
Inclination nof the backrest to fully flat position yes
Connction 230V/50 - 60 Hz
Max. patient weight 200 kg