ENT Audiology Diagnosis Products

ATMOS Rhinomanometry

Lateral medical is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing medical professionals with innovative medical supplies and products that improve patient care. We are the leading providers of a wide range of products across Australia. At Lateral Medical, we provide an exclusive range of ENT Audiology Diagnosis Products products including Audiocube, Tympanometry and Transient Evoked OAE.

This modern and functional equipment is specifically designed to allow quick and easy testing.

  • Measuring module for connection to a breathing mask or Politzer olive
  • Determination of pressure, volume flow and nose resistance, CARS algorithm, comparative measurement for the provocation test.

Lateral Medical - Rhinomanometry Optimised Workflow Stage-1Lateral Medical - Rhinomanometry Optimised Workflow Stage-2Lateral Medical - Rhinomanometry Optimised Workflow Stage-3

  • Automatic start
  • Latest Measurement Techniques
  • Studies completed within minutes
  • Data are shown in real time as a rhinogram and afterwards as a flow-pressure diagram, as a value table and bar graph.
  • For an easy evaluation of the results, up to 3 examinations can be displayed simultaneously.
  • For easy evaluation, a comparison of the curves is shown in both graphical and tabular forms.


ATMOS Tympanometry

Lateral Medical - ENT TympanometerFunctions:

  • compliance measurement
  • peak
  • volume
  • stapedius reflex
  • measurement
  • ipsi lateral
  • eustachian tube function test
  • reflex decay test


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