ATMOS LED Microscopes

Lateral Medical - ATMOS LED Microscope ControlsThese high quality German made microscopes have bright LED lighting and quality optics, giving you perfect visualisation.

We have the following models available for use in ENT:

  • iView 21 LED Microscope
  • iView 31 LED Microscope


High quality German made optics, with the following features:

  • built-in SD camera (no more messy cables)
  • wide stereo base for great 3D effect
  • endoscope attachment
  • green filter
  • HD camera adaptor
  • integrated operating panel
  • Stroboscopy mode

Lateral Medical - Example Chromatic Aberration On Poor Quality Microscopes












Built-in patented natural colour bright LED light source.

No external cable - sleek & easy to keep clean design.

LED lights can have a reputation for emitting a blue coloured light which is unnatural looking; using a patented technique, the ATMOS iView is able to produce images with pleasant natural colour.

Lateral Medical - Improved Microscope Image Quality with LED Light














For more information about these high quality German made LED Microscopes:

Contact Lateral Medical.