ENT Workstations

Lateral medical is an Australian owned company that specialises in providing medical professionals with innovative medical supplies and products that improve patient care. We are the leading providers of a wide range of products across Australia. At Lateral Medical, we provide an exclusive range of ENT Workstations products including The ATMOS S 61 modular system, ATMOS C21 ENT Workstation and ATMOS C11 ENT Workstation.

Optimised, time-saving workflow:

By creating the perfect configuration of diagnostic devices and instrument management; many patients can be comfortably treated – in many countries it is possible to treat 100 patients per day with a ATMOS workstation system.

Ergonomic and modern design:

An ATMOS workstation and ENT specific (spins up to 360 deg) chair combination allows the ENT surgeon to sit in front of the patient and easily bring them into the right position, therefore saving time as they do not have to make continual intricate adjustments of the chair. Everything is at their fingertips including instrumentation.

Compact system:

How much space do you have for the workstation? Even with little space available you need not give up part of your services offered. The workstations footprint can be as small as W 96 cm x D 55 cm.

Whatever your ENT needs, our workstation range has you covered.

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