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Enova Surgical & Dental Loupes


Enova Vizix 2.5 Available in green, blue, purple, silver, or black. Various Oakley frames also available!

Titanium SM-Vue 3.0

Titanium XG-Vue 3.0

Sport SM-Vue 3.0

Sport XG-Vue 4.0

Additional Loupes Information

Sport Frame Models Titanium Frame Models
XG-Vue 3.0x Magnification XG-Vue 3.0x Magnification
MD-Vue 3.0x Magnification MD-Vue 3.0x Magnification
XG-Vue 4.0x Magnification SM-Vue 3.0x Magnification
SM-Vue 3.0x Magnification G-Vue 4.0x Magnification
MDA-Vue 3.0x Magnification
XGA-Vue 3.0x Magnification
XGF-Vue 3.0x Magnification
Model width depth weight
Enova 2.5x 4.2″/10.6 cm 6″/15.2 cm Varies
SM-Vue 3.0x 3.1″/8 cm 5.5″/14 cm 1.2 oz/34 grams
MD-Vue 3.0x 3.5″/9 cm 6.7″/17 cm 1.5 oz/42 grams
XG-Vue 3.0x 4.3″/11 cm 7.9″/20 cm 1.9 oz/54 grams
XG-Vue 4.0x 2.8″/7 cm 5.1″/13 cm 1.9 oz/54 grams
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