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DE500 Digital Video Otoscope

Clinical Testimonial

“This is a most remarkable piece of equipment"

Just started using it today. I was able to easily train my medical assistant. The software is stable and the plug and play feature is flawless.

I am a pediatrician with 40+ years of clinical practice. I miss being with my patients personally and am delighted that I am able to continue to care for them from a remote location. As an otoscope there is no comparison on the market that is able to do what this does. The quality of the picture is better than a manual otoscope. There is a learning curve in focusing but my CMA learned in a day. Compare the price to any product on the market with the quality of the image and the Firefly wins hands down. Pediatricians live and die by their otoscopes so I can’t say enough about this product.”

Sam Lew MD, Pediatric Medicine


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