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Distal Chip Videoscope

Mobile FEES: Plug & Play or Standalone units

Mobile FEES with Distal Chip Videoscope

Flexible Video Intubation Laryngoscope(QG-3052)

Product serial number: QG-3052
Category:Intubation Laryngoacope


CMOS + LED Video Intubation Laryngoscope

Chip-on-Top Video Technology

Bending Up/Down 1800/1300

Portable Design is convenient for intubation and teaching

Image Processor is optional:CV-1030-CV-1080/ HV3101 CMOS + LED Video Intubation Laryngoscope

Photogrpah and video recording

Mobile FEES with Rhinomanometry-Laryngoscope

Optical system
Field of view 900
Depth of field 3-50mm
Direction of view 00
Insertion potion
Insertion tube OD 3.6mm
Angulation range Up 1300/ Down 1300
Working length 300mm
Waterproof IPX7
Light source built-in LEDs
Maximum resolution HD 1280*720
Software Plug and Play
Extension cable 2m, USB Type A


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HD Distal Chip Videoscope

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