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Adaptable German-Engineered Optics

Means Added Safety during Treatment

Kaps SOM® examination microscopes provide high-contrast true color visualization solutions. Brilliant apochromatic optics and ultra-bright coaxial illumination go hand in hand.

SOM® microscopes provide crystal-clear three- dimensional imaging with great depth of focus and extraordinary color brilliance. Even the finest structures and the smallest details are clearly visible. This gives you maximum control over your work – the ideal prerequisite for a reliable diagnosis.

The optional 40 mm manual fine focus lets you conveniently focus on the desired area and find the
correct working distance without having to change your preferred position.

The examination microsopes are available with a 3-step magnification changer, a 5-step magnification
changer or a manual zoom 1:6.
*available with HD Video camera

Powerful Illumination

Proper illumination is the basic prerequisite for precise work. Kaps ENT examination microscopes can
be supplied with a variety of illumination systems.

Cold Light Illumination

The high light output as well as the precise and constant object illumination of the cold light source
guarantees a perfect view of eben the smallest detail.

LED Illumination

The color temperature of the LED illumination strongly resembles daylight, possesses a high illuminance and provides excellent color reproduction, thus garanteeing a fatigue-free working. Despite its high light intensity, the system only generates little heat. Other advantages are the high lifetime and the low power consumption.

*available with HD Video camera

Comfortable Stands

Tailored to your Requirements

SOM© 62
on a Mobile Stand

Our mobile stands provide a stable footing and can be flexibly positioned. Move the microscope around
your examination area as you need and adopt a comfortable posture, or move it away completely when it is no longer required.






SOM© 22
for Wall Mounting and Use with Examination Units

In combination with a column, this version is also used for fixing to the treatment units of all leading ENT unit manufacturers. Together, these form a harmonious unit.

You can either order a column for Kaps examination microscopes as an extra item when you place your
order, or you can order the microscope directly from the manufacturer of the unit.




SOM© 32
for Ceiling Mounting

The prerequisite for ceiling mounting is a stable concrete ceiling. Precise vertical assembly of the
ceiling column can be effected using the ceiling adjustment fixture included in the scope of supply.

*available with HD Video camera





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Technical Data Kaps SOM® ENT examination microscope
Illumination Coaxial cold light illumination (15V/150W) with spare bulb LED illumination (optional)
Lenses Changeable lenses from 200mm to 400mm in steps of 50mm
Lens f=200mm and f=250mm with integrated focusing (14mm)
Kaps Variflex-100 objective lens with a focal length of 220 - 320mm (optional)
Binocular tubes SStraight tube f=125mm or f=159mm, inclined tube f=182mm 0- 210° on request
Eyepieces Eyepieces WF 12.5xV or WF 10xV (with diopter adjustment)
Magnification 3-step magnification changer, 5-step magnification changer or manual zoom 1-6
Fine focusing Manual fine focusing 40mm (optional)
Secondary viewer Binocular or monocular
Video camera Adaptation of C-mount video cameras via beam splitter and TV tube
Integrated endoscopic adapter For direct adaption for existing endoscopic cameras
Iris diaphragm, green filter, spot illumination Optional

Magnification Range

3-step and 5-step magnification unit with tube f=125mm

Magnification Range 0.4 0.63 1.0 1.6 2.5
Magnification 3.2 5 8 12.8 20 Lens f=200mm
Eyepiece magnification 12.5xV
Field of view Ø in mm 52 34 22 14 8.5
Magnification Range 0.4 0.63 1.0 1.6 2.5
Magnification 2.6 4.0 6.4 10.2 16 Lens f=250mm
Eyepiece magnification 12.5xV
Field of view Ø in mm 61 40.4 26.3 16.8 10.7

All microscopes can be customised to your requirements.

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