Flexible Tip Medical Bougie


Bougie introducers are an invaluable tool when dealing with challenging airways, but sometimes they're just not enough. When used in conjunction with a Video Laryngoscope, the Flexible Tip Bougie will help you find the way. Simply hold the Flexible Tip Bougie between your thumb and your forefinger, and then use your thumb to move the integrated slider forward and back to flex the tip anteriorly and posteriorly to navigate the device between the cords and into the larynx.

  • Flexible, steerable tip makes it easier to navigate difficult airways.
  • Use in conjunction with Video Laryngoscope for optimal results.
  • Innovative slider is used between the thumb and forefinger to move the tip anteriorly and posteriorly.
  • Tabs on slider are easy to grip and manoeuver particularly when used with gloves.
  • Slider tabs situated so they will not need to pass through vocal cords.
  • Blunt silicone tip reduces the risk of tracheal trauma.
  • Bright phosphorous coating on tip makes it highly visible, especially when used with Intubrite dual ultra-violet and LED lights.
  • Pre-curved to provide anterior flexion, use the control mechanism to retro-flex and straighten to advance beyond the cords.
  • Graduation marks from 10cm to 50cm (65cm overall length)
  • Use with ETT’s with 7mm inner diameter or larger
  • Latex free
  • Box of 10
  • Sterile for single patient use
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