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KAPS binocular or HD video Colposcopes

Quality, German Designed & Engineered Colposcopes.

Available in 5 Models to suit all preferences.

KAPS KP 3000

Colposcope on a mobile stand for the routine daily diagnosis.

KP 3000S

Mounted on examination chair

SOM 52

Our top selling colposcopes for gynaecological practices.

SOM 42 - chair mounted

Tailored to the needs of routine daily gynecological examinations

Videocolposcope S HD

Full-HD quality for your gynecological practice

Karl kaps colposcopes

Colposcopes from Karl Kaps ensure excellent optics, multiple zoom level and a first-rate lighting system.


Karl Kaps

Kaps Accessories for Stereo Colposcopes
Video and photo documentation for optical colposcopes of the KP and SOM® series With additional photo and video equipment, standard colposcopes can be upgraded to full photo/ video colposcopes--optimal for diagnosis and documentation of medical fi ndings.

  • Kaps photo tube for DSLR camera
    Multi-coated anti-reflection high-end optics for a frame-filling, low-distortion and image field leveled digital camera image for Canon and Nikon
  • Kaps HD photo adapter for
    SONY NEX-5/-6/-7 and Alpha 5000/6000 HD documentation of medical findings with apochromatic optics for brilliant and true color images with amazing detail diversity in full format
  • Kaps HD video and documentation accessories
    Wide range of video and documentation accessories on request. Please ask for current information. (similar image)

LED Lighting
Upgrade Your Colposcope!
A higher light intensity through white light LED illumination results in significantly improved
contrast and therefore more accurate diagnosis.

  • Kaps LEDone for KP 3000 and 3000 S
    Standalone light source at an attractive price for effortless and detailed work in daylight quality
  • Kaps LED upgrade for SOM® 42 + 52
    Durable retrofit kit for optimum LED lighting for effortless working with daylight color temperature (possible for all cold light models from serial number 6000)
Kaps KP 3000 + KP 3000 S
Rolling base 600 mm height
Straight tube
Inclined tube
f=125 mm
f=125 mm
Objective f=300 mm (on choice f=250 mm)
Eyepieces WF 20 x V with diopter compensation (on choice WF 16 x V)
Green filter swing in green filter
Illumination LEDone, continuously adjustable
T-handle can be mounted left or right side

Magnification changer 3-step and binocular tube f=125mm

Factor sign 0,63 1.0 1.6 Objective f=250 mm
Magnification 6,5 10.0 16.0
Field of view Ø [mm] 30.0 18.0 12.0 Eyepieces WF 20x
Factor sign 0.63 1.0 1.6 Objective f=300 mm
Magnification 5.0 8.5 13.0
Field of view Ø [mm] 36.0 22.0 15.0 Eyepieces WF 20x
Kaps SOM 52 + SOM 42
Illumination coaxial halogen illumination 12V / 100W (direct)
coaxial cold-light illumination 15V / 150W
- all colposcope outfits are equipped with a stand-by spare lamp
integrated LED illumination
Working distance / Objective 250mm or 300mm are standard - other focal length on request
Fine focusing 12mm with focusing objective f=250 mm and f=300 mm
40mm manual
40mm motorized
Binocular tubes straight tube f=125 mm, inclined tube f=125 mm 45° as standard
straight tube f=159 mm, inclined tube f=159 mm 45° on request
wide-angle inclinable tube f=182 mm 0 -210° on request
Oculars, Pairs wide-angle, oculars with diopter WF 16 x V or WF 20 x V
- reticules on request
Magnification 3-step magnification changer
5-step magnification changer
zoom 1-6 manual or motorized (apochromatic)

Magnification changer 5-step and binocular tube f=125mm

Factor sign 0.4 0.63 1.0 1.6 2.5 Objective f=300 mm
corresponding about the
working distance (alternative
objective f=250 mm)
Magnification 3.4 5.4 8.5 13.6 21.2
Field of view Ø [mm] 55 35 21.5 13.2 8.5 Eyepieces WF 20x
Picture resolution 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) points
Picture format 16:9
Video standard up to 1080p / 60
Video output DVI / HDMI
Dimensions 170 (L) x 80 (B) x 110 (H) mm
Magnification zoom up to 120x (optical zoom system 10x, digital zoom system 12x)
Working distance 250 mm - 350 mm
Weight approx. 45 kg
Illumination super bright LED ring, 5800 K
Filter green filter electronically
Focusing motorized, automatically or manual
Power supply 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Options on request