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Hospital Grade Non-Contact Thermometer

Robust & accurate.

TRITEMP™, redefining temperature measurement

A precision-engineered tool, designed to positively impact and better manage infection across healthcare globally. TRITEMP™ has proven to be the best temperature measuring solution for a wide variety of healthcare customers and medical facilities. We want to directly improve the lives of patients, nurses, hospitals, healthcare, and the planet. Frontline staff deserve the best tools so that they can, in turn, deliver the highest patient care.


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Infection Control

Our mission on infection control fits with your goals. Our products eliminate the need for millions of unnecessary contact points with patients.

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Cost Saving

Our products significantly benefit consumables budgets by removing the need for single use plastics. Storage and waste disposal costs are also reduced.

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Time Saving

Our simple TAP & TAKE technology unlocks the full potential of staff and specialists and gives them back time to do what they do best – care.

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We’re paving the way environmentally, with a sustainable approach. No plastic consumables, less waste, less cost.

Tritemp Accessories

Specifically Designed for Protection & Convenience

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Bon Secours, Dublin

The TRITEMP™ has helped the engineering team at Bon Secours. I get less faults through, I’m not spending as much time sending away thermometers, and it’s one less thing for us to worry about here

Marcus Tormey, Principal Clinical Engineer


St Claraspital, Switzerland

We decided to implement the TRITEMP™ because of the accuracy: this was the decisive factor for the department

Adult Intensive Care Unit Case Study


HSE, Ireland

Every time we make these digital interventions, we’re trying to achieve the quadruple aim: lower cost, improved quality of care, improved quality of life, and improved condition experience. The TriMedika products deliver on all of these.

Prof. Martin Curley, Director of Digital Transformation


Tritemp Training Video


Tritemp Settings Video


Tritemp Training Video - Animated Version


Tritemp - How to Clean