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Endurocide Hospital Curtains

Not all cubicle curtains are the same. Endurocide hospital cubicle curtains allow up to 24 months hang-time.


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Endurocide antimicrobial sporicidal disposable hospital curtains. 

The world's first healthcare curtain that actively kills pathogens breaking the chain of infection. I'm Gerry president of QST Inc, I've been studying this problem for over a decade. Hospital acquired infections or HAI's are making headlines again. Antibiotic resistant bugs are continuing to spread through our healthcare institutions and neither time nor math is on our side. 

We need to act now. Here's the problem. These traditional curtains are used in facilities everywhere. They're made from polyester. Polyester threads are the perfect places for viruses, bacteria and fungi to make their home. Safe among the fibers the pathogens can multiply and laundry at high temperature kills most of the pathogens but not all of them. 

After rehanging the laundry curtains the pathogens survivors, start multiplying again, and along with additional hand touching 90% of the currents are recontaminated within one week. Endure side currents effectively break the chain of infection. We're trapped on the surface. Unable to escape and they are killed. Independent research has shown endure side curtains without being removed are effective for up to two years after that are replaced with newer side curtains. 

Privacy protection and style. Endure side antimicrobial spore cycle disposable curtains. Stop HAI's dead. Cost 50% less in original purchase price. Cost 50% less in operating costs. There are 100% recyclable and fiery retardant. No trap conversion is necessary. Effective for up to two years and they're available in 15 different colors and styles. 

They blend seamlessly into any environment. Endurocide antimicrobial sporicidal disposable curtains. Breaking the chain of infection.