Airglove Warming Device

Recent Testimonial

Please see below comments from our Lead Consultant regarding purchasing the air glove.

It is proving to be very helpful we are gaining venous access quicker which helps with our timed injections .This means that our day is flowing more smoothly and its helping us to keep to appointment times. Therefore less extra waiting time for our patients. It is also allowing us to mostly cannulise rather than use butterfly’s. It takes longer to administer the radioactive isotope through butterfly’s. This means the dose of radiation the technical staff receive while doing this task is lower. This is always our aim to reduce our personal dose.The airglove trial ends on Wednesday 20th February and we are hoping the purchase process is quick so we are not too long without the air glove.

Service Evaluation of Airglove . .

The service evaluation aimed to provide evidence as to the efficacy, patient comfort, ease of use and operator preference of Airglove warming device. Patients were selected who had known difficulties in accessing a vein for obtaining blood samples or cannulation by the oncology nurses.

They were chosen at random regardless of their sex, age, gender, medical conditions and provided a cohort with a wide range of cancers. Cannulation on was successful on first attempt in 70 out of 80 patients (87.5%) and they reported “it was very comfortable compared to the hot water method” To view and download the full MTW report please

Award Winning Innovation . . .

Airglove is an award winning innovation and was “Highly Commended” in the West Midlands Academic Science Network Celebration of Innovation Awards 2017. Medilink West Midlands also awarded Airglove the runner up in the category of “Partnership with the NHS” at the Medical & Healthcare Business Awards 2017.

Patient Safety and Comfort . . .

No more improvisation with warm water, heat packs or even heated towels to try and gain access to patients veins which can be a Health & Safety issue. Airglove temperature can be selected to suit each skin type sensitive 31.5oC, normal 35.5oC or slightly heavier 38.05oC with the unit automatically re-setting itself to normal skin type (setting 2 35.5oC) after each use. Airglove can help to make the patient more comfortable and relaxed with its gentle warming system with the confidence that the nurse practitioner will be able to access their veins.

CE Approved Medical Device . . .

Airglove has taken 3 years of development, research, testing and clinical trials by Green Cross Medico in conjunction with NHS Innovations South East and The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust hospital. It was developed as there was a clearly defined and acknowledged need by medical professionals at The Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust hospital oncology department.