LED Stroboscope

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Due to the powerful light output sharp pictures and a clear display are achievable during endoscopy and stroboscopy when LED technology is employed.

For an optimum image quality equip your workplace with perfectly coordinated components.

Lateral Medical - Stroboscope Images using LED

ATMOS Strobo 21 LED works in perfect harmony with the ATMOS Scope (chip on tip flexible scope), via an integrated microphone.

The microphone is integrated into the ATMOS Scope handle. It can be easily removed for cleaning and can be put back just as easily. As soon as the patient starts with phonation the ATMOS Scope detects this and switches automatically to stroboscopy mode. The voice frequency is indicated on the monitor.

Advantages of LED technology

LED will enable greater light efficiency compared to halogen with the added benefit of reduced costs from lower energy consumption. Make the change – feel the benefit of innovative ATMOS LED technology.

  • Increased light performance compared to conventional halogen technology
  • No noise development
  • No additional expensive light conductors
  • Not shock-sensitive
  • No heating up
  • Minimum power consumption


For more information about the Atmos Strobo 21 LED, contact Lateral Medical.