Reduced swelling, improved patient comfort and recovery times.

The original DESIGN

The original Carter Arm Elevation Pillow developeed bu hand surgeon Peter R. Carter, M.D. has led the industry for 30 years because of its proven effectiveness. Designed to be soft, durable, and compact- this pillow is essential for reducing pain and swelling while providing comfortable positioning.

Lateral Medical - Arm Pillow


  • one model fits both right and left arms
  • Release Gate to insure the arm is firm, secure, and in the correct position
  • Ideal for patinet use at home or in the ER
  • Made of soft, durable, and compact foam
  • Foam is latex-free and fire retardant


After Surgery

  • Designed to reduce pain and swelling (edema) in upper extremities.
  • Best option for post-surgery, fractures, and injuries to the hand, wrist, and arm.
  • Keeps the arm enclosed, secure, and elevated while in a sleep or sitting position.
  • For Kids too! - a paediatric size is available.
  • Less swelling, less pain, smoother recovery, happier patinets !

Outpatient Suggery Patients

  • Safe, effective alternative to propping arm with pillows during home recovery.
Lateral Medical - ER, Post OP Home Recovery Arm Pillow

After Fracture Treatment in ER

  • Reduce swelling and help prevent Compartment Syndrome and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Mastectomy Patients

  • Can help relieve swelling in patients with lymphedema.

Dialysis Patients

  • Reduce swelling and improve comfort during and after dialysis