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Velmed Sterile Tray Protectors

Try Stopper Care System Sterile Validated Corner Protectors.


Validated: Steam ETO Plasma

  • Does not retain moisture
  • Reduces amount of sterile wrap
  • Will avoid tray pressing against wrap
  • Saves OR and CSP time, money and frustration
  • Reusable and economical

The Stopper Care System is reposable with both products being made of the same tough material, recyclable and environmentally friendly

  • Provides complete surgical tray protection from holes, rips, and tears
  • Elevates the complete tray away from the blue wrap for sliding of the tray and helps eliminate holes, rips, and tears on the bottom.
  • Helps prevent holes, rips, and tears along the horizontal edges of heavy, sharp surgical trays
  • Elevation allows for better drying time and sterilant dispersion
  • Can be used with round corner trays
  • Does not retain moisture
  • Can be used in Steam, Eto, and Plasma (Sterrad) Sterilization
  • Edge protectors can be cut to size to fit any size surgical tray
  • Low cost, Multi-use, Reposable products

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