Bariatric Patient Positioning

De Mayo Hip Positioner® System Obese Patient Configuration

  • Easily supports large and obese patients
  • Eliminates pressure on patient’s abdomen.
  • Is nurse-friendly, making patient lifting unnecessary during positioning.
  • Cross arm swings away for maximum surgical exposure
  • Bariatric extension plate provides more lumbar support
Lateral Medical - De Mayo Hip Position Set-up
Lateral Medical - MorphBoard Obesse Patient Solutions

MorphBoard® Obese Patient Solutions

  • Modular Centerboard component allows simple conversion for obese patients by rotating the centerboard
  • Modular End boards attach to the rotated centerboard that extends the length of the pegboard system
  • The rotated centerboard provides support and peg locations for the abdomen of the obese patient
  • 6 pegs with each system for additional support & stability

Humbles LapWrap® Positioning Pad for Laparoscopy

  • For laparoscopic, head / neck and neurosurgery
  • Protects neurological structures by preventing hyperextension at the elbow
  • Provides anesthesiologist easy access to IV tubes and leads
  • latex free Single Use
Lateral Medical - Lap Wrap Positioning Pad