• Provides ability to secure it to the OR table siderail while capturing the patient's arm
  • For laparoscopic, head / neck and neurosurgery
  • Protects neurological structures by preventing hyperextension at the elbow
  • Provides anesthesiologist easy access to IV tubes and leads
  • Latex free Single Use

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Lateral Medical - Humbles LapWrap Positioning Padfor Laparoscopy

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Innovative Medical Products, Inc. is a global leader in patient positioning devices for orthopedic surgical procedures.

IMP has been focused on developing and marketing innovative products to benefit and improve efficiency in the operating room and hospital clinics where patient stability and positioning are required. Our products are designed to provide accuracy for the surgeon, save time for O.R. personnel, and benefit the overall patient surgical experience.

Advancements in minimally invasive surgical procedures (MIS) and navigation through computer-assisted orthopedic surgery (CAOS) bring opportunities for IMP to partner with surgeons who are world leaders, and orthopedic companies committed to improving patient outcomes and surgical techniques.

Universal Steribump

Universal Steribump

  • Sterile, latex-free foam
  • Holds and elevates patient's extremities in the sterile field.
  • Replaces need to bundle sterile towels.

Cat. # Description & Dimensions

508 SteriBump® 11.5" x 7.5" x 5.5"

Lateral Medical - Universal Steribump Sample
Lateral Medical - Universal SteriBump