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Anaesthesia Scanners

Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners are specialized to show you the high-definition detail you need for your practice.

L15 HD³

Frequency: 5-15 MHz
Max Depth: 7 cm


Recommended for intra-articular injections, pain management injections, regional nerve blocks, and more.

L20 HD³

Frequency: 8-20 MHz
Max Depth: 4 cm*


Recommended for vascular access and regional anesthesia up to 4 cm.

C3 HD³

Frequency: 2-6 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm


Highly recommended for anesthesia procedures involving hip, sciatic, tap blocks, spine, and other deeper blocks, as it is specifically designed for achieving accurate imaging in deeper regional blocks.

L7 HD³

Frequency: 4-13 MHz
Max Depth: 11 cm


Recommended for performing regional nerve blocks, vascular access procedures, and more.


Frequency: 1 – 15 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm


With its high-definition imaging capabilities, the Clarius PAL HD3 provides precise visualization and real-time guidance for regional nerve blocks, ensuring patient comfort and pain management during surgical procedures.