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Orthopedic Surgery Scanners

Clarius wireless ultrasound scanners are specialized to show you the high-definition detail you need for your practice.

L15 HD³

Frequency: 5-15 MHz
Max Depth: 7 cm

Orthopedic Surgery

Recommended for intra-articular injections, pain management injections, regional nerve blocks, and more.

L20 HD³

Frequency: 8-20 MHz
Max Depth: 4 cm*

Orthopedic Surgery

Recommended for vascular access and regional anesthesia up to 4 cm.

C3 HD³

Frequency: 2-6 MHz
Max Depth: 40 cm

Orthopedic Surgery

Highly recommended for anesthesia procedures involving hip, sciatic, tap blocks, spine, and other deeper blocks, as it is specifically designed for achieving accurate imaging in deeper regional blocks.

L7 HD³

Frequency: 4-13 MHz
Max Depth: 11 cm

Orthopedic Surgery

Recommended for high-definition imaging of musculoskeletal anatomy up to 11 cm to guide safe, accurate injections, nerve blocks, and more.