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Total Intravenous Anaesthesia


A Sets

Key Features

DEHP / Plasticiser Free
No plasticiser containing plastic anywhere in fluid / drug path – no risk of plasticiser induced toxicity

Latex free
Reduces the chance of a severe allergic reaction

Negligible common fluid space
Patented multilumen hub keeps infusions separate until distal tip of connector so helping to prevent drug / drug reactions

Lipid resistant plastics
Safe for use with lipid containing drugs

Fully rotating male Luer collar
‘Self locates’ on locking and prevents line spaghetti Gravity Line

Kink resistant gravity line
Nylon braiding built into catheter wall helps maintain free-flowing drip

Low sorbing plastic
Polyurethane catheter prevents changes in bioavailability of infused drug

Low resistance back check valve – opens with minimal pressure head
Effectively prevents back flow of drugs or blood into gravity line Drug Line(s)

Low sorbing plastic
Trilayer co-extruded catheter with polyethylene inner lining prevents changes in bioavailability of infused drug

Normally closed anti-syphon valve(s)
One way valve opens with higher crack pressure, effectively preventing accidental overdose from syphoning from pump or syringe

Colour coded pinch clamp
Prevents accidental bolus delivery during syringe handling

Detachable long line (L-Set versions only)
Extensions on drug line(s) Permits exchange of pumped infusion for new drug (e.g. at end of operation)

Bonded (non-detachable) long line(s) (BL-Set versions only)
Extensions on drug lines permanently fixed to set. No risk of accidental disconnection. Siamese tubing on A32BL and A33BL-Sets prevents line tangling (‘spaghetti’)

Metal free
MRI Safe

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