Air-Free vs. Forced Air Patient Warming, the evidence is clear.

Introducing HotDog Air-Free Patient Warming Solutions. The answer to complete patient warming whilst maintaining a sterile environment.

Lateral Medical - Hotdog Patient Air Free WarmingHotdog USA manufactured Patient Warming Technology provides a proven approach to maintaining and improving patient normothermia from Pre Op, Intra Op to Post Op. The technology utilizes a patented reusable conductive polymer encased within an antimicrobial vinyl covering to release a controlled heat source to patients.

Unlike other forms of patient warming the HotDog device receives real time feedback from thermocouple sensors which are placed within the series of mattresses and blankets which can be connected to the one control unit.

Lateral Medical - Pre and Post OP Patient WarmingAdvantages of HotDog Vs Other Products in Patient Warming:

  • One Control Unit can run 1 Mattress and 2 Blankets (Saving Time, Money and Space)
  • Reusable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Provides Warmth Underneath and Above Patient
  • Air Free Patient Warming
  • Cost Saving
  • Clinical Benefits


For more information about HotDog patient warming solutions, contact Lateral Medical.


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